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Oklahoma Whitetails operates in Osage County, Oklahoma on the Southeast part of Osage County, less than one hour from Tulsa.  Oklahoma Whitetails is dedicated to providing our hunters with the best opportunities to harvest a whitetail.  We specialize in family day hunts and encourage adult/child hunts as well as individual or couple day hunts.  Our food plots are plentiful along with hardwood timbers, we also plant additional plots consisting of nutritional seasonal food and use corn feeders to maintain nutrition over the entire year as well as plenty of water in the form of creeks and ponds. 

We maintain very low whitetail hunting pressure, offering our hunters a great chance at a successful harvest through low fence-fair chase hunting.  We offer non-guided packages to meet the needs of our hunters. Stands are pre-hung in pre-scouted areas and elevated huts are perfectly placed in pre-scouted areas ready to hunt.  Elevated huts are easily accessed and are large enough for adult/child or couples hunts. 

We also offer recreational catch and release fishing that hunters may enjoy during their day hunt.  Three large ponds offer great Oklahoma fishing.

Oklahoma Whitetails
(918) 261-8018
Osage County, Oklahoma

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